How electric lift chairs can help you stay in your home longer

Many people who suffer mobility problems such as arthritis and back pain and usually spend a lot of time sitting in an arm chair therefore they find it difficult to get in and out of the chair. Electric lift chairs are built and designed to assist the aged and those with mobility problems to be comfortable as well as be able to ease in and out of the chair.
Below is how electric lift chairs can help you stay in your home longer.

Have different positions
Three position and infinite position lift chairs are available in the market and enable the user to position the chair at any position they want. This is suitable for users who are aged and have limited mobility. Having different positions provides comfort to the user for extended periods of time as the user’s body can be placed in various positions.

Available in different fabrics
As an aged person or an individual with arthritis, mobility is very limited which means one will get to perform several functions while sitting. This includes eating any meal of the day. Electric lift chairs are designed with different materials such as suede, leather and soft cloth. If the user will be eating while sitting on the chair, it is important to purchase one that has an easy to clean material.

Level of cushion softness
Sitting for long period of hours reading books, watching the TV or playing video games can cause untold damage to the hips. In order to avoid this, electric lift chair producers incorporate different levels of cushion softness.
This is to ensure that even though one spends long periods of time sitting, they will continue being comfortable through out the day.

Supportive backrest
Electric lift chairs are designed with supportive backrest which makes them suitable for individuals who have lower back pain. Supportive backrests enable the spinal cord to be positioned well therefore preventing damage to it.

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