Why Bring A Stair Lift Into Your Home

Why Bring A Stair Lift Into Your Home

straight stair lift installed December 2016

straight stair lift installed December 2016


At any given point, most adults lose the ability to move up and down the stairs. Mobility challenges can stem from weakness in the legs, injury, poor eyesight, and other health conditions. For people who live in homes with more than one story, most elderly or physically challenged people find it difficult to move along the stairs.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Stair lift chairs, a piece of medical equipment play a critical role for people who need help walking up and down the stairs at home. Typically, a stair lift chair consists of a computerized chair that attaches to the staircase. Mostly, they are boon to adults who can walk independently, but cannot safely navigate the stair steps.

Additionally, this assistive technology comes in different forms to fit the needs of a user. Besides, the variation in design ensures that people with different stair configurations, safety concerns, and size requirements have the lift chairs installed in their homes. If you are a disabled individual looking to bring a stair lift into your home, you need to understand the cost and features in order to get maximum benefits out of this equipment.


1. Benefits.

They are safe to use as accidents are minimized. Most seniors are at risk of falling on the stairs which can cause injuries. Stair chair lifts are comfortable and safe as they include a seat, backrest and seat belt.

Stair lifts for homes can be customized to your requirements, though it might be more costly than the ready-made. Also, you will find some which are electric while others use rechargeable batteries and the choice depends on your location’s power supply.


2. Costs.

When purchasing chair lift for stairs, you should inquire your insurance company if they will reimburse for the costs. You also need to reach out to several dealers and compare their prices. If your budget is low, you can consider used models that are in excellent condition. However, when purchasing, it is crucial to consider the freedom and independence that these chairs bring to people who cannot use the stairs due to various situations.


3. Features.install a stair lift

One of the major features of the stair lift chairs is that you can choose to sit or to stand. They come in different sizes and weight, and hence they can handle most people especially in public places.

Well, seat design can have a great impact on the safety of the rider. Mostly, different seats choice designs include:

-Swivel seat
-Foot rest
-arm rest

All the stair lifts should have seat belts . Some of the modern features for different stair lifts include send/call button that can send the chair from one end of the stair to another, motion sensors, and breaking systems to ensure safety. These features are fundamental, thus should be given priority when looking for the best stair lift chair to purchase. Some of the factors to consider when purchasing a stair lift chair are maintenance and the type of stairs that you have.


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