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LC-20 Pride Lift Chair

Options For Getting a Seat Lift Chair

So you are having trouble getting out of a chair?  Or maybe you had an injury and need a chair for sleeping?  If you’ve decided to get a medical recliner chair, your next thought is how to pay for it. Like any sizable investment, there are many options for getting a lift chair and choosing […]

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How a Lift Chair Can Help You in Your Home

Getting around the house shouldn’t be a challenge. As many people get older, it’s natural to think about moving to a more accessible home. But this isn’t a realistic or pleasant option for everyone. If you’d prefer to stay in your home, for whatever reason, a lift chair can help. By making it easier to […]

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lift chair recliner

Features and Benefits of Lift Chairs

What are Lift Chairs? Lift chairs are for people with mobility issues—people having difficulty getting up and out of a chair. A person sitting in a chair may need to go answer the door, go to the bathroom or go and prepare a meal but finds it difficult doing so because of experiencing lack of […]

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