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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 53 million U.S. citizens have a disability of some nature. 6.5 million Americans use a cane, walker or rollator as a mobility device. A medicare rollator not only helps elderly individuals maintain balance when standing or walking but it is useful for carrying small to medium size items. It also serves as a portable seat or transport chair wherever you go. Medicare covers the cost of a patient’s rollator if he or she meets certain medical requirements.Medicare Rollator with Loop Brakes

Medicare Rollator in Baltimore, MD

The first and most important step to take towards obtaining reimbursement coverage from Medicare for the mobility device is visiting your doctor. Your doctor or physical therapist is responsible for writing a prescription for the medicare rollator. It then becomes documented in your medical records that you require assistance walking. In most cases, Medicare will pay 80% of the rollator costs. Be sure to check your supplemental insurance policy for the details of your plan that will cover whatever Medicare does not –minimizing as much out of pocket expense as possible.

Towson Medical Equipment is an Approved Medicare Dealer

After you have received your prescription, you want to locate a medical equipment supplier that accepts Medicare and will take Medicare payments. You can shop at a local vendor or search online for a medical equipment provider that carries rollators, but most of the time they are not medicare approved and medicare will not pay.  You may be tempted to want to shop around for price and options. Many of the big name pharmacies and wholesale stores also carry rollators, but they are also not approved to sell to Medicare patients.  So, if you do not want to pay out of pocket for the one you should call Towson Medical Equipment Company.  We have several models in stock and surely one that fits your style, or weight capacity.  Also, if you visit one of our locations you will find a variety of rollators that should make finding one that suits you and your needs smooth and satisfying.

Medicare will pay for you to have a new rollator every five years. Remember, whether you are getting your first medicare rollator or replacing an old one, for Medicare to issue reimbursement coverage, you will need a new prescription from your doctor or physical therapist each and every time.

Medicare Insurance Inquiry


Medicare Rollator & Mobility Walker in Baltimore, MD

Forms to Take to Your Doctor:  Get PDF Here:    Rollator Walker Order Form


Included in this package:

  • A rollator frame
  • Hand brakes
  • Seat
  • Four wheels


*There is an upgrade charge of $64 for parts that are non-covered (this will be the charge even if your patient has primary and secondary insurance.)


*If your patient has MEDICARE only (Part B):

Please note that this is a purchased item

Please expect a co-pay of $78.85


Included in the Required Paperwork Packet:

  • A walker order form


*Provider must be PECOS certified




Patient:                                                                                 DOB:


Phone #: (            )                –                                               SSN #: xx


Start Date:      

ICD-10 Diagnosis Code(s): ____________________________________

ICD-9 Diagnosis Code(s):                                                                             

Length of Need (0-99 months, 99 = lifetime): 99


QTYHCPC CodeR/PDescription of specific services to be providedChargeAllow




Does the patient have a medical condition that impairs ambulation?         YES    NO


Is there a potential for ambulation?                                                               YES    NO


Does the patient require greater stability than a cane or crutches can provide?



Does the patient weight exceed 300 lbs?                                                     YES    NO

If yes, what is the patient’s weight?    ___________ lbs


Does the patient’s height exceed 6ft?                                                         YES    NO


Does the patient have a severe neurologic disorder or other condition causing the restricted use of one hand?


I, the undersigned, certify that the above prescribed supplies are medically necessary as part of my treatment plan for this patient and have not been prescribed as a convenience.

Physician’s Name:


Phone #: (      )           –                                                           Fax #: (            )           –

NPI #:                     Medical Assistance Provider #:



Physician Signature                                                                          Date                          

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