Hoyer Lift

patient lift An electric hoyer lift has many advantages for both patient and caregiver.

For the patient, it provides more independence, time out of bed, and makes living at home more comfortable and realistic.

With the right hoyer slings, and the help of a caregiver, there is less need for many patients to move to an assisted living facility.

A good patient lift can also mean less risk of injury during transfers.


Questions About The Hoyer Lift


How to use a hoyer lift safely?hoyer lifts

Where to buy an invacare lift?

If a hoyer lift rental is an option?

Does medicare coverage work ?

Do you also take other private insurance?

How to choose the right sling?

Don’t worry. Your most commonly asked questions are all things people before you have asked and figured out.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient and follow each step along the way. Always make sure to take your time to be sure there are no straps hooked into the patient lift and that you’re checking in with the patient to be sure they’re doing okay.


How Long Do You Need the Patient Lift For?hoyer lift rental


It may make sense to look for a hoyer lift for sale, but for some, a hoyer lift rental may be the best option. You can find these at medical equipment stores for sale or for rent.

Most patients only use a patient lift for a short period of time and therefore, renting makes the most sense. Whether you are recovering from surgery or an illness the medical lift is usually only needed temporarily.

Our hoyer lift rental is only $149 a month.

You’ll also want to talk to your health insurance provider about coverage. Many patients have found they were able to obtain partial medicare coverage for their hoyer lift rental.

If you need help with your insurance coverage, we are able to review your insurance benefits for these and any other medical equipment you may need.

If you’re looking to purchase an invacare hoyer lift or a hoyer advance, you can find these at medical stores both in person and online. You can also ask a local durable medical store for their best advice on finding a hoyer lift for sale.


Patient Lifts thru Medicaremedical supply store near me

Full-body or sit to stand-assist patient lifts are partially covered for Medicare patients. Even Medicare will pay for hoyer lifts. A Medicare Hoyer lift provides several different types of lifts for patients who are need of them. Hoyer lifts can provide manual and electric lifts to fit the needs of specific patients.

All lift products are known for their quality and ease of use. The Advance E easily moves a patient from one place to another. It also is the only lift that folds up without the use of tools. The Hoyer Presence Professional electric Lift has an outstanding lift range for residential use. The footpad allows caregivers to control lift movements.

The Classic Hoyer Patient lift is a hydraulic lift suitable for transfers to a vehicle. The Advance H Patient Lift easily folds for storage under a bed. For patients in need of a sturdier lift, the Heavy Duty Power Patient Lift has a maximum capacity of seven hundred pounds and has a power lift.

If you have Medicare and are in need of a Hoyer Lift or a hydraulic lift please call our representatives or fill out an inquiry now so we can assist you in the process of getting coverage thru Medicare advantage plans.

Other Private Insurance

Yes, we also accept other private insurance plans like Kaiser, Cigna, Aetna, etc. For help using insurance to get a lift, contact one of our representatives as every insurance is different.


What You’ll Need To Get Set Up For Using a Hoyer Lift


How do you get started using your new electric lift?Patient Lift Sling

You will need to know how to use the lift safely.

Before you use your new device on your patient, try using them in an independent person first. Of course when we deliver your new hoyer lift our certified technicians will review the operations of the lift and make sure you are comfortable using it and the sling. However, it may pay to practice a bit before putting your loved one in it.

Ask a friend or family member who is relatively the same size as your first patient. This will give you some experience with someone who has a bit more freedom of movement, so if something goes wrong, they’ll be better able to support themselves while you get the hang of using the machine.

Be patient and take using the device one step at a time. After a couple tries, using the lift will become more like routine. They are simple to operate once you get used to it.

There are several hoyer lift slings options in terms of style and fit. Make sure you read the fit guides carefully, as that’s the most important part. This will particularly matter if your patient has sensitive skin that you’ll need to take into consideration.


Do I get Electric or Manual?


Our hydraulic lifts come in two styles, electric and manual. The manual hydraulic patient lift is still easy to operate with it’s hydraulic mechanism. A simple lever pump handle is used to raise and lower the individual. It does take some effort to operate.

The electric patient lifts are operated by the push of a button, however they need to be plugged into a wall socket. This does make transporting a bit cumbersome because you have to account for the cord to be sure you do not roll over it. Other than that the electric lift is very simple to use.


How To Use a Hoyer Lift For Toileting


patient Lift

Let’s assume your patient is already in their wheelchair in a seated position. Ask them to lean forward so you can tuck the hoyer lift sling behind their back.

  1. Pull the leg straps forward and then along the length of their legs. When you think you’re in position, check that the straps haven’t caught anywhere along the chair. Now you can pull the safety buckle around the patient’s middle. You want this to be secure, but not too tight so that when they’re lifted and their torso moves, they aren’t constricted.

2. Now you can ask the patient if it’s okay to raise their legs for them. Then, one at a time, pull the straps under their thigh. You can then flip the strap over the top of the mid thigh. Do this on both sides.

3. Take the leg straps and cross them so they’re tied together.

4. The next step in how to use a hoyer lift is to retrieve the electric hoyer lift and bring it to the patient. Do this slowly and carefully so you have it lined up correctly.

5. You can now connect the hoyer lift sling to the bar of the lift.

6. Again, check all of the straps to make sure they aren’t caught on the wheelchair or any other parts of the bar.

7. When you’re sure you’re good to go, you can use the electric lift to slowly lift the patient up.

8. The next step in how to use a lift for toileting is to move the lift with the patient into the bathroom. Once they are positioned over the toilet, you can lock the hoyer lift in place, and with their consent, adjust the patient’s pants above the leg straps. You can then lower them to the toilet.

You will then need to unhook the lift sling from the lift. Some patients may want help moving the leg straps and removing their pants. Ask if they’re good before leaving the patient for privacy.


Are you able to use a Hoyer Lift on Carpet?

Since the wheels are small, a hoyer lift will be difficult to move on carpet. It is best used on hard floors like wood, linoleum, tile or marble. Even on ceramic tile with grout lines the lift may get stuck in the grooves so one needs to be careful.



Medicare Insurance Inquiry


Medicare Hoyer Lift Form

Get PDF Here: Medicare Hoyer Lift Order Form


Included in this package:

-A manual hydraulic Hoyer lift

-Patient sling (please specify the height and weight of the patient)



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