Medicare Hoyer Lift

Full-body or stand-assist patient lifts are partially covered for Medicare patients. A Medicare Hoyer lift provides several different types of lifts for patients who are need of them.Hydraulic Patient Medicare Hoyer Lift with Six Point Cradle, Silver Vein, 3" Casters Hoyer lifts can provide manual and electric lifts to fit the needs of specific patients. All lift products are known for their quality and ease of use. The Advance E easily moves a patient from one place to another. It also is the only lift that folds up without the use of tools. The Hoyer Presence Professional electric Lift has an outstanding lift range for residential use. The footpad allows caregivers to control lift movements. The Classic Hoyer Patient lift is a hydraulic lift suitable for transfers to a vehicle. The Advance H Patient Lift easily folds for storage under a bed. For patients in need of a sturdier lift, the Heavy Duty Power Patient Lift has a maximum capacity of seven hundred pounds and has a power lift. If you have Medicare and are in need of a Hoyer Lift please call our representatives or fill out an inquiry now so we can assist you in the process of getting coverage thru Medicare.

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Medicare Hoyer Lift                     Get PDF Here:    Medicare Hoyer Lift Order Form


Included in this package:

-A hydraulic Hoyer lift

-Patient sling (please specify the height and weight of the patient)


* If your patient has MEDICARE only (Part B):

Please note this is a rental for 13 months.

Please expect a monthly co-pay of $21.72


Included in the Required Paperwork Packet:

  • A detailed written order
  • A list of what Medicare requires to be addressed in a letter


* All paperwork must be completed by the same provider


* Provider must be PECOS certified.




PATIENT:                                    DOB:      


PHONE: (   )    –                    SOCIAL SECURITY #: XX



EFFECTIVE DATE:                         

ICD-10 DIAGNOSIS CODES: _____________________________________________

ICD-9 DIAGNOSIS CODES:                                                                                             

DESCRIPTION OF ITEM:                         PATIENT LIFT                                       

LENGTH OF NEED:           99        (99 = lifetime)


I, the undersigned, certify that the above-prescribed items are medically necessary as part of my treatment plan for this patient and have not been prescribed as a convenience.



PHONE: (     )    –                            FAX: (     )    –

NPI #:





SIGNATURE:                                                                   ___    DATE:                             





  1. Transfers between bed and a chair, wheelchair, or commode are required and, without the use of a lift, the patient would be bed confined.
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