Medicare for Lightweight Wheelchairs

Using Medicare for lightweight wheelchairs is easy if you use the right supplier like Towson Medical Equipment.  If you or a loved one are confined to, or regularly use, a wheelchair, you know the importance of this piece of equipment in your day to day life. You need a wheelchair that will be dependable and can function well when you need it to. It is also important that it be lightweight and easy to use and maneuver, so that this device that is supposed to be of assistance doesn’t become cumbersome and difficult to use. This becomes even more important if you are on Medicare and may have limited options of where to purchase a lightweight wheelchair.

The Easiest Way to Use Medicare for Lightweight WheelchairsFlyweight Lightweight Folding Transport Wheelchair, 17", Green Frame, Burgundy Upholstery

We are a full-service supplier of medicare for lightweight wheelchairs to meet your medical needs, whatever they may be. Offering many different makes and models, including using medicare for lightweight wheelchairs and equipment, we can supply you with exactly what you need to fit your lifestyle and budget. Plus, we accept medicare and can work with you to get the right equipment to you without any hassle.  Click here if you are looking for a regular wheelchair thru Medicare.
If you are on Medicare and want to use Medicare for Lightweight Wheelchairs, contact us today to find the right model for you. We will be happy to assist you in finding exactly what will work best for you, as well as guide you through the Medicare process to provide you with an enjoyable experience and a quality lightweight wheelchair to meet all of your needs. Contact us today!


Medicare Insurance Inquiry


Instructions for Using Medicare for Lightweight Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchair (K3- Lightweight)               Get PDF Here:   Lightweight Wheelchair Order Form

Included in this package:

-Lightweight frame (16X16, 16X18, 20X16, 18X16, 18X18, 20X18)

-Height adjustable arm rests (desk or full)

-General use seat cushion (3” gel)

-General use back cushion

-Seat belt


-Brake extensions

-Standard footrests

(elevating footrests available with DX of fracture or edema)



*If your patient has MEDICARE only (Part B):

Please note this is a rental for 13 months

Please expect a first month’s co-pay of $102.99

Each additional month is $10 or less.

Included in the Required Paperwork Packet:

  • A detailed written order
  • A face to face form
  • Medicare’s requirements of what MUST be included in the patient’s chart notes.



PATIENT:                                DOB:


PHONE: (   )    –                          SOCIAL SECURITY #: XX




ICD-10 DIAGNOSIS CODES: ________________________________________

ICD-9 DIAGNOSIS CODES: _________________________________________


Patient requires Elevating Leg Rests

LENGTH OF NEED:        (99 = lifetime)


I, the undersigned, certify that the above prescribed items are medically necessary as part of my treatment plan for this patient and have not been prescribed as a convenience.




PHONE: (   )    –                      FAX: (   )    –

NPI #:




SIGNATURE:                                                                   ___    DATE:                             



PATIENT:                                                                                           DOB:      


CITY, STATE, ZIP:      ,

PHONE: (   )    –                    SOCIAL SECURITY #: xx



EFFECTIVE DATE:                                                 

ICD-10 DIAGNOSIS CODES:________________________________________

ICD-9 DIAGNOSIS CODES:                                                                                             

DATE OF FACE-TO-FACE EXAMINATION: ___                                                        

DESCRIPTION OF ITEM:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

LENGTH OF NEED:                         (99 = lifetime)


I, the undersigned, certify that the above prescribed items are medically necessary as part of my treatment plan for this patient and have not been prescribed as a convenience.



CITY, STATE, ZIP:      ,

PHONE: (   )    –                                FAX: (   )    –

NPI #:


SIGNATURE:                                                                   ___    DATE:                            




  1. The patient has a mobility limitation that significantly impairs his/her ability to participate in one or more mobility-related activities of daily living (MRADLs) such as toileting, feeding, dressing, grooming and bathing in customary locations within the home.
  2. The patient’s mobility limitation cannot be sufficiently resolved by the use of an appropriately-fitted cane or walker, and the use of a manual wheelchair will significantly improve the patient’s ability to participate in the MRADLs.
  3. The patient’s home provides adequate access between rooms, maneuvering space, and surfaces for the use of the manual wheelchair that is provided.
  4. The patient will need to use the manual wheelchair on a day to day basis within the home, and is willing to do so.
  5. The patient has sufficient upper extremity function and the other physical and mental capabilities needed to safely provide a manual wheelchair (limitations of strength, endurance, range of motion or coordination, presence of pain, or deformity or absence of one or both upper extremities are relevant to the assessment of upper extremity function) .
  6. The patient cannot self-propel in a standard wheelchair within the home, but can and does self-propel in a lightweight wheelchair.



  1. The patient has a musculoskeletal condition or the presence of a cast or brace which prevents 90 degree flexion at the knee OR the patient has significant edema of the lower extremities that requires an elevating leg rest.


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