What are the Benefits of Using Bathroom Safety Products When Getting Older?

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of the home. The dangers increase when a person is elderly. Often, the elderly continue to live alone and do not have anyone available to support them and protect their safety. Fortunately, there are bathroom safety products that can be installed in the bathroom. The benefits of using bathroom safety products when getting older can prevent serious injuries and even death.

Raised Toilet Seats

As a person ages, they often suffer from arthritis, making it difficult and painful to bend their knees. Sitting down on a standard toilet can be impossible. With a raised and padded toilet seat, a person will not have to bend their knees as deeply and can sit in comfort without so much pain. These seats can also be equipped with handles to aid in keeping a person from falling.

Shower Benches

Shower benches are perfect for providing safety and comfort while bathing. Since bathing can be extremely dangerous for the elderly, these seats allow them to wash without fear of slipping and falling. Shower benches are often equipped with side rails that prevent falls. These are perfect for those who are unstable on their feet.

Shower Safety Bars

Safety bars give added protection when a person is entering the shower or bathtub and when they are exiting. Studies have proven these safety bars can prevent falls that could result in serious injuries and even death.

With the right safety bars installed, the risk of slip and falls in the bathroom are dramatically reduced. This gives people added stability as they are taking care of their personal care tasks. These bars should be equipped with rubberized grips for a safer hold.

Bathrooms can be unsafe for the elderly who have no one to help them. With added safety features, people will no longer have to be concerned about their bathroom being a place that is risky and dangerous. The benefits of using bathroom safety products when getting older allow the elderly to be safe in one of the most treacherous areas of their home.

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