Why you should be using a Breast Pump for your new Baby

Using a Breast Pump for your New Baby

Breast feeding is an important part for the mother and the baby. Not only does it ensure that the baby gets fed as well as gaining the many nutrients in the milk, it helps to improve the bond between the mother and the baby. Breastfeeding while using a breast pump also offers a special moment for the mother and the baby to get to know each other.

Thanks to modern technology, mothers today don’t have to waste breast milk when the breasts are full and the baby is not hungry. Instead of the breasts hurting from high volumes of milk in them, breast pumps have offered mother a simple yet perfect way of draining the milk from the breasts. Once pumped, it can be stored in the freezer for later use.

Below is why you should be using a breast pump for your new baby.


Save breast milk for later useUsing a Breast Pump

Mothers today are concerned with what they eat therefore they have developed a trend of consuming healthy and organic foods only. These foods have been found to increase breast milk productions which is beneficial to the baby.

When milk is produced and the baby is not hungry, it will be stored in the breasts. With time, the mother will experience pain as the breasts are filled with milk. In order to relieve pain and save the breast milk for later feeding, the milk can be pumped using a breast pump and stored in sterilized jars in the refrigerator.

When the baby is hungry, the milk can be heated to the right temperature and fed to the baby via a breast feeding bottle.


Relieve pain

As discussed earlier, mothers may experience pain due to over production of milk which is stored in the breasts. This can cause strain on the muscles around the breasts therefore leading to pain. While it’s good to have better breast milk production rates, pain should not be present. Lack of pain helps to ensure that the mother can get to do a few chores in the house as well as get a good rest when the baby is sleeping.

Pumping breast milk from the breasts into sterilized jars for storage helps to relieve pain.


Improved nutrition and better digestionSingle Channel Breast Pump

Breast milk is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and other minerals. These nutrients not only help in the proper growth and development of the baby but they also help to improve immunity and intelligence. This means that the baby’s body will be able to fight diseases on its own and ensure one lives healthy.

Using a breast pump will ensure that the baby has milk available at all times therefore gaining the many nutrients which helps to ease digestion too.


Ensure availability of milk at all times

Majority of mothers today do work at an office at various capacities. There are moms who are CEOs, middle managers, supervisors, architects, nurses, doctors, editors and personal assistants among others. This means that they will be given maternity leave that ranges between 3 months to one year. Once the time has elapsed and the baby is still breast feeding, it means the mother needs to find an alternative solution.

Breast milk pumping is the only safe solution as it ensures that the baby has milk throughout the day when the mother is working. If the mother has employed an assistant at home, the baby can be fed when hungry therefore satisfying the baby.

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