Uses and Benefits of a Chair Lift or Stair Lift in your Home

Being unable to move up and down your two-story house can make you feel like you are a prisoner in your home. However, this is a challenge facing many homeowners, either those who are aging or the physically challenged people who cannot walk by themselves on the stairway. As people age, developing the fear that they might slip and fall takes a toll on them, sometimes it can even lead to their fall in the first place. This is where chair lift or stair lift comes in, to help people with difficulties in accessing rooms upstairs. Do they help? If so, what are some of their benefits? Well, here is how they are useful and why they are important altogether.

How can a Stair Lift be useful?

First and most important aspect when it comes to the use of chair lift or stair lift is helping with mobility for people with walking difficulties to access upstairs anytime they wish. They can also be used to help in moving laundry up and down, which adds to the ease of doing some of the house chores.

A particular type of stair lifts; the standing stair lift is paramount for people with difficulties sitting but can be more comfortable standing. It is also an ideal option for use in very narrow stairs or ones that would for some reasons not efficiently accommodate sitting stairs. This type only requires enough headroom for safety, but it is also a great stair lift.

A platform stair lift is yet another type that enables cater for people using wheelchairs or mid-sized scooters. These stairs are vast and sturdy enough and offer sufficient support for moving the hefty walking aids up and down the stairs so that users can use them wherever they need them.

Why use a chair lift or stair lift?chair lift or stair lift

1. Safety
When it comes to stair lifts, safety comes first. A Chair lift or stair lift can help you get up the stairs easier, and being safe is as important. Since most seniors and people with walking difficulties are most frail when walking up or down the stairs, having such useful aid as a stair lift makes it easier for them to move up and down in a more convenient way without risking missing a step and falling the stairway. However, it is important noting that there are directions that apply when using the chair lift, such as using the safety belt all the time. Don’t risk falling and breaking bones, or worse yet, breaking your teeth.

2. Independence
One of the most crucial benefits that come with the utilization of a stair lift is independence. Most seniors want to be able to move around the house as they wish without having to bother anyone or necessarily need a care provider around all the time. Nothing gives one the most needed peace of mind than knowing that with the press of a button, you can safely move up or down your stairs.

3. Cost effective
This may not be taken so seriously, but a chair lift or stair lift can get you get up the stairs easier. It also comes at a lower cost than having to create more rooms downstairs and having to settle for a bungalow. Additionally, installing a stair lift can be more cost effective than transiting to a senior care facility, which can be very expensive. What’s more, since these products come at different sizes, shapes, designs and prices, users can as well select the one that best fits their budget and preference.

4. Flexibility
Another advantage of stair lifts is that they can fit in different types of stairs. This is what makes it easier for the stair lifts to be easier for users to utilize the lifts regardless of the stairs installed in their homes. Besides, the stair lifts come with remote controls, which you can use to send the stair lift back upstairs when it is not in use. The armrest can also be folded back to create room down the stairs when the chairlift is not in use, which also helps reduce obstruction on the way.


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As seniors and physically challenged people may have a difficult time in walking up and down the stairs, having stair lifts around comes in tremendously handy for them. Most aging parents would rather stay at home than in senior care centers. It is, therefore, important to invest in installing a chair lift or stair lift for them than sending them out there. This guarantees safety, independence and peace of mind, not to mention that it is convenient too. Towson Medical Equipment Company can help you install a stair lift in your home. Contact Us for a free in home evaluation or over the phone estimate for straight stair cases. Call us today at 410-882-4005.


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  1. Haward saed September 30, 2017 at 5:43 pm #

    We are buying a brand new two story house and thinking to get install a stair lift for future use. We want to know how much it is going to cost us to have stair lift in the house. Do we have to do any upgrade
    or modification in the house to suit the installation. The house construction will be starting from the next month and it is going to be a standard 2 story house. Thank you.

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