Understand the Differences in Walking Aids

When a person is disabled, walking can be difficult and even impossible without the proper walking aid. Thankfully, there are now many different types of walking aid products available to help people stay mobile. Understanding the difference in walking aids can assist a person in making the right choice for their mobility needs.


Walkers are devices that allow a person full support while they are mobile. These typically feature four legs or two legs and two wheels. Walkers are typically made of lightweight material and may offer a seat and basket for added function. A walker makes walking much safer and less painful for those who have mobility concerns.

walker pouch


Canesare a popularwalking aid that are perfect for those who need extra support to reduce the pain they feel in their leg. Canes are now being made with a seat option that assists those who may be waiting in line or find themselves in need of a rest. A sturdycane can provide the perfect level of support for the elderly, disabled or those recovering from an injury or surgery.

Quad Cane


Crutches come in two main types. There are underarm crutches that support the entire body. These can be used by those who are recovering from an injury or surgery. They are often prescribed by doctors when a patient has a broken leg or foot or they are recovering from surgery.


There is also the option of forearm crutches. These crutches feature cuffs that go around the forearm. They also offer a handle to allow people increased stability while walking. Forearm crutches are fully adjustable and are typically worn with both crutches in place, but can also be used with only one.

These options can assist a person in being able to walk with comfort and stability, despite their disability. Those who are having issues walking should ask their doctor more about the differences in walking aids to determine which one will be most beneficial.

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