Types of Walking Aids that are available

Different Types of Walking Aids Available to the Consumer

Today there are many types of assistive devices which have been designed and built to help improve mobility as well as balance for individuals who are having difficulty when walking. Many people who require assistive walking aids have structural deformity, amputation, injuries, a disease that causes decreased ability to bear ones weight through one or both lower extremities.
Other conditions that experts have found out which require one to use walking aids include muscles weakness, paralysis and impaired balance.
Below are types of walking aids you need to know about.


They are designed to be more secure as they enable the user to utilize their arms much more in order to balance themselves. They are useful especially among individuals who are able to carry their weight on one leg. Experts advice users to use crutches only for short stretches in order to avoid getting tired.


Walking sticks

Walking sticks are some of the most common walking aids available today. They are used to help one have balance as well as feel safe as they go about their duties. Experts administer walking sticks to individuals who are aged or people who feel weak when walking especially after a traumatic event.
Apart from providing balance, they also help to increase stability especially when one is going to stand for a period of time or when even walking on unstable ground.



There are two kinds of wheel chairs available namely manual and electric. Manual chairs allow one to either push using their arms or have someone push them. Electric chairs on the other hand are powered by a battery while the user controls the wheel chair via a remote control or joystick located on the arm rest.

Mobility scooters

They are comfortable to ride on and like any other vehicle, prices vary therefore allowing one to choose different models available. Smaller class 2 scooters are designed for use on pavements while larger class 3 models are suitable for road use.


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