Things to Consider When Deciding to Get a Stair Glide for your Home

A stair glide is the perfect solution for all those with serious mobility problem. Many seniors always have trouble climbing steps. A stair glide is needed to take such person up as well as down the stairs seated and in a safe position. Even if you are tired and you find it hard climbing to your basement level or second story of your home, it helps you because it gives you an easy access to your home.

As good as it may be, many people do not find it easy picking the stair lift for your home. This is because there are various options out there. You have to compare many issues to pick the right stairlift for your home that would satisfy your requirements and meet your budget.


Factors to consider when you are buying a Stair Glide for your home


There are several factors you have to consider before you pick the best stair lift for your home. You must first spell out what should be your requirements. You must choose between the two basic types on the market to determine, which one would suit your purposes very well. As said, there are two types on the market today, which include the curved and straight stair lift. Your choice between the two depends on your doctor’s recommendation and on your staircase design.

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A straight stair lift as the name implies is meant to travel in a straight line and would take you to your destination without any interruptions. This means that it may not encounter such things like curves, bends, landings, and so on. These units are prefabricated and are made to go up to 15 steps. If you have less steps then we just cut the track to fit.

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Curved stair lifts on the others are designed in such a way that they can easily change directions. This means that it can easily go through bends and curves as well as corners and any direction. This option is more expensive. As said earlier, your choice here is based on the design of your staircase.

Where is the staircase located?

Most people need a stair lift installed inside their home. The place the staircase is located will determine whether you require a weatherproof lift or not. If the staircase is outside of the home, it is certain that you would need a weatherproof stair lift. If however it is indoors, you may not bother about weatherproof and our standard stairlift will work.

Furthermore, you have to decide whether you want standing stair lifts. Health condition may demand that you install perch lifts in your home. This should be the case when you are finding it hard to bend your knees. This is very important because it would influence the choice you make, as not all companies may offer them, and even if they offer them, there would be cost variations.

Stair Glide capacity

Stair lift capacity is an important factor to consider. This is determined by the size of the person who will use it. If the person using it is over 320 pounds, then there is the need to provide a heavy-duty stairlift. Moreover, such lift should have a wider seat. It should have a bigger capacity as well. You may not find it difficult to get this, as any reputable company should provide that. Some units go up to 500 lbs capacity, but most are suited for up to 300 lbs.

Convenience of usestair chair lift

Moreover, you have to look for stair glide lift that is convenient for you to use. You have to consider whether you want one with armrests, seats, as well as footplates and so on. Most modern designs are fitted with a swivel seat and this makes it easier to get into and out of the chair easier. There is also an option for a power swivel seat.

Some homes will also need a retractable rail. If your walkway is narrow at the base of the stairs then a hinged rail is necessary to let the foot traffic pass thru while the stair lift is not in use.


Safety features of a Stair Glide

Safety is one important thing that you have to consider when you are looking for stair lift for your home. For the safety of its users, it is necessary that such safety features like braking system, seatbelts, rocker switch control, as well as push-button and several other safety features be put in place.

The rocker switch control should be strategically located on the armrest for ease of use. Most importantly, there should be such features like call or send control, which helps its users to send or call the device to any part of the staircase where the services would be demanded. The safety issues are very important; you must ensure that the most important safety and control features are present.

Is it electric powered or battery powered? Moreover, you have to determine how you want your stair glide powered. You have to make your choice whether you want it powered by electricity, which is AC powered or whether you want to power it by battery, which is called DC powered. Most stair lifts are both so the unit will still operate in the event of a power outage.

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Some people would prefer battery power because you can hardly be disappointed, especially when the battery is fully charged. When there is an issue with the power supply, an electric stair lift could fail to operate. However, you have to determine how best to charge the battery. Some could charge on the track while some required to be charged at the base station. Bear this at the back of your mind when you deciding which one to pick.

Another thing that makes battery powered lift better is that it tends to be smoother, and quieter than the electric powered. You have to determine the best that you can afford. The most important thing is having the basic security and control features in place.


Choosing the Best Stairlift Company

The major challenge is choosing the best company to install stair glide in your home. It is always better that you compare different companies to ensure that you select the best. Ensure that many companies visited your home to assess what you need. They do this by checking your staircase and sketch out how the stair chair lift would work. After that, they can give you a quote either right there during the visit or they send it to you afterwards.

When you visit different companies, you have to determine their requirements such as the cost of the installations and the various components you want containing in your stairlifts. It is important that you discuss different installation options with the company you consulted. Discuss such options like swivel seats and hinged rail. This provides more security because it could easily lock in a place.

Moreover, the issue of upholstery and color has to be discussed to get the best look for your stair chair. The issue of use and control was discussed to ensure that they are provided. Choose the right company that can provide all you need without difficulties.

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