Staircase Lift Chair For Your Home

Although they are part of our daily lives, stairs can be dangerous; especially for people with limited mobility. However, some chairs provide the required safety movement for people with limited mobility. If you live in a storied building, then a staircase lift chair is indispensable. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a chair for yourself or a loved one below are some of the factors you can find.

What to Consider While Buying a Staircase Lift Chair

Since every individual’s lifestyle and home is unique, it is essential to keep your personal preference in consideration when shopping around for staircase lift chairs. Below are some of the most considered features while looking for stair assists chairs.

1. Safety

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Ensure that the chair you purchase has the highest safety standards and hitches that ensures that it does move until it is securely locked. Your staircase chair should have safety belts, brakes, and sensors that stop the chair in case there is an object on your way.

2. Mobility

Stepping out of the staircase lift chair onto the top step might be difficult for some people. Therefore, if this is your case, you should look for a chair that swivels at an appropriate angle. Some chairs can only swing up to 90 degrees while others offer a wider range of movement. Additionally, you should ensure that the chair has a soft start and stop feature, and it should be easy to control.

3. Dimensions

Although most staircase chairs fit on any stairway, curved stairwells might require a custom made chair. So, you need to be sure about the measurement of your stairway before you make any purchase.

4. Weight Capacity

In most cases, staircase lift chairs support up to 400 pounds. Make sure to find a chair that offers the right weight capacity and does not put too much weight on your wall.

5. Installation

While some staircase lift chairs are easy to install and can be done by yourself, others require that you hire a professional. If this is the case, the manufacturer should provide send a professional, like Towson Medical Equipment ,for proper track alignment.

6. Timing

Do you need the stair lift for a short period of time or a long period of time? If you only need the chair lift for a few months, then consider renting the lift.

Top Staircases Lift Chairs in Baltimore, MD

1. Handicare SimplicityHandicare Simplicity Stairlift

The Simplicity Straight Stair lift Series track offers a continuous charge function meaning that the lift can be parked on any part of the track when it is not in use. This means you do not need to worry about where you leave your lift on the track as the batteries will charge in any position.

The Simplicity Straight Stair lift Series are compatible with the Slide Track and manual hinge systems so if you have a doorway close to the bottom of your stairs the Simplicity offers you a range of solutions to prevent the track from causing an obstruction.

All straight stair chair lift have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate: these are designed to stop the stair chair if it meets any obstruction. Once stopped it can only be moved in the opposite direction of the obstruction.

We also supply our stairlifts with an easily accessible key switch that allows you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorized use so you do not need to worry about unsupervised children playing with your stairlift.


  • Lifetime Warranty on the gearbox and motor (no one else in the industry offers this warranty)
  • Can be fitted with a slide track or a hinge track to hide the bottom track when not in use
  • Standard weight limit of 308 lbs
  • Available for curved staircases


  • None we could find

2. Bruno Elite Stairlift SRE 2010bruno elan stairlift

The SRE 2010 is known for its high-quality and the ability to support up to 400 pounds’ weight capacity. Its seat, arm, and footrest fold to create more space.


  • Has up to six different upholstery options
  • Contains continuous charge strips.
  • Has an adjustable footrest.


  • Cannot perform in a curved stairway.

3. Harmar SL600

Harmar SL600 is an indoor staircase lift chair that is known for its wide signature seat. Also, it can support up to sixty trips when there is a power outage.


  • It uses less power.
  • Can fold up to 11’ deep
  • Can run twice as many trips as other stair chairs in case of a power outage.


  • Supports maximum weight capacity of 350
  • Finding repair parts is not easy.

4. Stannah Sadler

Stannah Sadler is an elegant, yet comfortable staircase lift chair that supports curved stairways. It is a perfect choice for people with limited flexibility around the hips and knees since it helps promote a more upright position. Besides, the slim design makes it ideal for homes with narrow stairs.


  • Can fit in any curved stairwell.
  • Has a tilting seat design that helps distribute weight well.
  • It only requires one hand pull to secure the seat belt.


  • It must be installed by a professional.
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