Reasons to Wear Diabetic Shoes

Why wear the special diabetics’ shoes?

Why people with diabetes should wear diabetic shoes? What is the problem with wearing the ordinary kind of shoes?

How unique are the shoes designed for diabetics?

They have a higher and wider toe box. It is aimed at giving the toes extra room to wiggle. The problem with toes that rub against each other or the shoes is that it results in blisters and hot spots. For diabetics, they may take long to heal.

Benefits of wearing the diabetic shoes

Diabetes patients may suffer nerve damage. It makes their toes feel numb especially after a blistering or rubbing of the feet occurs. The extra room in the diabetes shoes will protect the toes as they walk or stand.
Diabetics need shoes that support their heels, arches and ankles. Walking barefoot is not an option, and flip flops are a big no-no.

Some people tend to roll their feet too far inwards or not roll the feet enough inwards while walking. These movements are referred to as overpronating and under pronating. This can cause hot spots that may later develop into sores and blisters. It is for this sole reason that the shoes meant for diabetic patients should have special stabilizers to level the feet.

Shoes for diabetics have wide and thick soles. Thicker soles are designed at cushioning the feet from wear and tear. Also, it prevents feet from developing blisters and hot spots.

The shoes are also deeper compared to the ordinary shoes. The deepness creates room for orthotics. It has an insert that corrects uneven strides, supports arches and cushions the heels. Patients suffering from Type 2 diabetes have inserts, therefore, needing this kind of shoes.

Buying Guide to Wear Diabetic Shoes

There should be no inner seam in the shoe as it will cause blistering. Before purchasing any shoe, run your hand through it to ensure the inner lining is smooth.

Avoid slip-on since they cannot be adjusted. Lace-ups and Velcro fasteners are a better choice.
The shoes should have a removable insole.

Always try the shoe before purchasing. It is advisable to fit them in the afternoon as the feet have swelled a bit. Buying them at a retail store like Towson Medical Equipment is better because they can be fit by a professional shoe fitter. However, if you have identified a certain brand that fits well, luck is on your side.

There are shoe manufacturers who are dedicated to ensuring that needs of the diabetic patients are addressed. The shoes may not win any fashion award, but they make walking fun and pain-free. They come in different designs, sizes and prices.

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