Medicare Rollator Walker Coverage

Did you know that a Medicare rollator walker purchased thru Medicare has to go thru a contracted supplier? To find a contracted supplier for your area you can contact Medicare or go to their website or call us and we can help you.

Unfortunately, Medicare only pays for a walker so the cost difference between a walker and rollator must be paid by the patient. Usually the cost is $64-$100 depending on the brand.Medicare Rollator Walker

There are also a few hoops to jump thru to get coverage for a walker/rollator. The patient cannot have any mobility equipment on file with Medicare for the previous 5 years. If you do you will not qualify for coverage. Additionally, you must have a prescription for a walker/rollator from your doctor.

Many of our customers actually choose NOT to bother with Medicare’s rules and purchase a rollator walker out of their own pocket. The cost out of pocket is anywhere from $149-$189 for a rollator walker.

Call us and we can give you all the details!

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