Learn About Helpful Bariatric Products for the Obese

Bariatric patients often have unique needs that make life difficult for them.

Standard beds, toilets and shower seats often have weight limits that can make using them dangerous.

It is not enough for these patients to simply have larger-sized items. Instead, they need specialized bariatric products for the obese.


Bariatric Hospital Bedsbariatric hospital bed



Unfortunately, bariatric patients are often confined to bed much of their day. Standard beds are often too small and do not offer the level of support a bariatric hospital bed can give.

These beds have higher weight limits and offer supreme comfort to help prevent the pressure points that cause pain and sores.

Bariatric hospital beds can also be electrically powered to allow the patient to elevate their feet or upper body and have assistance in sitting up so they can more easily get out of the bed.

With featured safety rails, this helps to prevent falls while sleeping or getting into or out of the bed.


Bariatric Bathroom AidesBariatric Commode


Bedside toilets can allow a bariatric patient access to a toilet when a standard toilet is not available or is unsafe to use. These are made to withstand higher weight limits and feature safety handles and seats for added comfort and safety. There are also bariatric toilet seats that can be placed over traditional toilets so a larger person does not have to worry about safety concerns.

Bariatric shower benches allow people to bathe without fear of falling. Since most traditional bath seats do not offer strong enough materials to protect a person from injury. The right seat allows bariatric patients to stay more independent when taking care of their personal needs.


Bariatric ChairsBariatric Chair


Bariatric chairs and recliners offer supreme comfort and protection.

These chairs allow bariatric patients to sit up comfortably and with full support for their back and legs.

This is the best way for people to be able to feel confident in having a safe place to relax. With much higher weight limits, these chairs can accommodate people of all sizes.

Bariatric patients can feel confident in knowing these products will provide them with the comfort and support they need whether in their bedroom, bathroom or living room.

These bariatric products for the obese are specifically made to provide for the needs of larger people.

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