Information on How Breast Pumps Can Help You Feed Your New Baby

As most women know, breastfeeding is one of the best things they can do to protect the health of their baby. Breastfeeding helps to protect the baby’s immune system and is full of enriched nutrients that ensure proper growth and development. Breastfeeding is especially important in the first six months of life. Unfortunately, breastfeeding can be cumbersome. With this information, you can learn how breast pumps can help you feed your new baby.

Breast pumps allow a woman to express her breast milk. Expressed breast milk can make feeding the baby easiersince the nipples can sometimes become painfully sensitive. Expressed milk also allows the father and other helpers to assist in feeding the baby instead of the mother. This can give much-needed relief to a new mother so she can rest and allow someone else to take over from time to time.

Not only will pumping breast milk make feeding easier, it will also help to keep a woman’s breast milk supply at the level it should be. Most women use a manual or electronic breast pump to help them express their milk easily and efficiently.

An electric pump will pump milk from both breasts in around fifteen minutes while a manual breast pump could require as much as forty-five minutes. The pump is simply placed over the breast with the include phalange and then the electronic device begins suctioning the milk into the attached container.

A good breast pump should feel comfortable and should not cause pain. Suction settings allow a woman to set the amount of pressure she feels from the pump so she does not begin to feel discomfort. Though it takes sometime to grow accustomed to using a breast pump, it can be very effective in making sure a new mother has all the help she needs to feed her baby nutritional breast milk.

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