How a Used Stair lift Can Help You Survive in Your Home

Used Stairlifts are Cheaper Than New Ones

When mobility issues are a concern, people often have trouble with the stairs in their home. This sometimes leaves them unable to access and use certain parts of their home. Those who are disabled and live alone can find life is difficult and can sometimes be dangerous when stairs seem impossible to use. Fortunately, a used stair lift can help a person to survive in their home.


How Stair Lifts Workused stair lift

Stair lifts are the safest way for people who have mobility concerns, to go up and down stairs. These motorized devices are installed to the stairs with a track that moves a comfortable chair up and down the stairs. The user simply straps themselves in with a seat belt and is then able to use the hand or foot controls to move the lift up or down. The chair moves very slowly as to not jerk the person off the lift. Once at the top or bottom of the stairs the person is able to swivel the seat to comfortably exit the stair lift. One can also “send” the lift to the other end of the stairs. So if both parties use the lift to ride up and down the stairs, then it can be returned to the other person.

Stair lifts can be lifesavers in a fire. Instead of being stuck upstairs and unable to get help, a person can simply use their lift to go down the stairs and safely exit their home. Without a used stair lift, a person could end up being seriously hurt or even killed.

Each year, thousands of people are injured in stair accidents. When a person is disabled or suffers from mobility issues, the chances of these injuries occurring dramatically increase. Unfortunately, some of these injuries can lead to death. With the use of a used stairlift or even a new chair lift for stairs, there is no risk of any accidents on the stairs.


Consider a Used Stair Lift

If you or a loved one suffer from mobility concerns, a used stair lift could be the best option. Used lifts are cheaper than getting new ones and they come with a warranty for one year. This will ensure stairs are no longer keeping you or someone you care for a prisoner in their home. A used stair lift can be installed on indoor and outdoor stairs to ensure a person has safe access to all areas of their home.

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