Choosing A Good Stair Lift

When Should I Install a Stair Lift?

A good stair lift could be the solution that keeps you in your home forever. Don’t wait until you physically get up and down to the stairs to install one. Consider getting the stair lift before you have physical problems that prevent you from walking up and down the stairs.

By the time many people decide to install a stair lift in their homes, they are already so frustrated with their living situation they feel more compelled to move than find a solution.

There’s no need to struggle and let frustrations build. It’s possible to install solutions to make your home living situation work for you long term.

For many people, the struggle with going up and down the stairs is a gradual problem. It slowly becomes more difficult, and during this period, there are days where it doesn’t seem like a big deal and days where it feels impossible. The impossible days can become disheartening.

With a stair lift installed, you can avoid those issues and use it whenever it makes your life easier and your home more accessible to you. They are an affordable solution that adds value to your life. Stair lifts aren’t very expensive to get new and when you think about the service they provide, stair lifts are well worth the price.

Install one before you need it and make the transition easier on yourself.


The Pros and Cons of Stair Lifts

Whenever you’re making a big decision about your health or home, it can be helpful to break down the advantages and disadvantages to the decision.


The Pros Of Installing a Stair Lift

foldable stairlift

All of the advantages to a stair lift involve the benefits to your health and lifestyle.

Many people are forced to move to a new home, live only on their first floor, or move into a nursing home because they can’t navigate to their second floor. A stair lift resolves this issue.

Stair lifts can be used to move people, or objects, upstairs. If you’re having a difficult time carrying things up the stairs, a stair lift can make this much easier.

Accidents happen, especially when we’re physically exerting ourselves. The stairs are a terrible place to fall down that can lead to long term injuries. Having a stair lift can provide peace of mind that you’ll avoid these situations.

That peace of mind can also extend to friends and family who may be concerned for you. Seeing that you’ve installed a stair lift shows them that you’re taking your health and safety seriously and that your home is still a safe place that works for you.


The Cons Of Installing a Stair Lift

The disadvantages involve the inconvenience of having to find the right stair lift for your home, the right company to install it, and pay for this to be done. Although, this disadvantage is often overestimated. Consider that while this may seem to be a hassle, falling down the stairs or being forced to move are often much worse hassles.

That being said, there are stair lifts to fit any kind of staircase. Most modern homes have wide stairs that can accommodate many types of lifts, though some older homes have narrow stairs that will require specific options. Spiral stairs will be more expensive than straight ones.

Modifications may need to be made to the stairs upon installation. For example, railings may need to be removed. A professional installer can help you find the best solution to this to keep your home in good shape while making these changes work for you


Stair lifts are electric, so there will be a small rise in your electricity bill from using one.

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Are Used Stair Lifts An Option

Yes, you can find a professional and reliable dealer to purchase a used stair lift at a lower cost. This will be easier if your staircase is wide and many different types of stair lifts will be easy to install in your home. In any case, an expert dealer will have refurbished units that have undergone safety tests so you still have the best product for your home at a lower price point.


Can I Rent a Stair Lift?

This is also an option. If you’re only planning to use your stair lift temporarily, then renting a stair lift may be the most cost-effective solution for you.

To figure out the pricing on this, you’ll need to estimate the length of time you believe you’ll be using the unit for. Then add together the monthly cost and installation fees. Compare this number to purchasing the unit. DO not forget to take into consideration that if you purchase a unit, you may be able to sell it when you’re done using it if the unit is still in good condition. You can contact a dealer to find out you could potentially earn back on a resale and add this into your cost considerations.

Even when renting a unit, make sure you seriously consider your needs when choosing the best option for you. Some stair lifts work for up to 250 pounds while others go up to 500. Make sure the unit fits all of your health needs so you’ll still get good use of the temporary installation.


Choosing The Right Stair Lift For Your Needscurved stairlift in beige

When you go to purchase a vehicle, there are many considerations. What fits your budget? What companies are the most trustworthy to purchase from? What’s the most comfortable option? What car gets the job done best? What color do I like?

These are all considerations that will also need to be applied to finding the right stair lift. There are also the needs of your health and the needs of your home to be considered.

For example, some homes have a 90 degree angle halfway up the stairs. It may be the case you will need two stair lifts installed. This adds cost to the installation. It is also a concern for some people with limited mobility who will need help being transferred from one stair lift to the next.

Because there are so many options to choose from, it can often be easiest to put your research toward finding a trustworthy company and then consulting them for your options. An expert can come to your home and tell you what solutions will work for your needs. You can ask them about rental options, refurbished options, color choices, comfort, and your health specifications to make sure you’re getting the right option for your life. There are many advantages to having a stairlift in your home and you should consider all of them.

When consulting a professional, be sure to ask them about the installation process. How long will it take? How will your home be affected? Also ask if they perform maintenance. If you ever have an issue with your unit, you’ll want to know someone you can trust to be there when you call for help.


Deciding To Install a Stair Lift

When you’re deciding to install a stair lift, it often means you’re going through changes in your life. These changes can be stressful to navigate. Installing a great unit can be one way to lower this stress. The peace of mind of mobility within your own home is worth the work to find the best unit for your needs. When compared with the cost of moving to a single-story home or an assisted living facility, the added expense often makes more sense.


Purchase the Best Stairliftchair lift for stairs

Most kinds of stair lifts you see today have been specifically made for use within the house, but there are a number of which a person could use for outdoors also. Stair lifts come in an assortment of designs, shapes, and sizes to fulfill a variety of needs. There’s a practical and reasonably priced solution though that will permit you to use the staircase safely and independently.

When the stairs become difficult, a Handicare stairlift can provide you the freedom to remain in the house you love. Stair lifts are specially created for individuals that are not able to climb the staircase. Furthermore, stairs are based in many unique configurations with obstacles to safe stair lift use on top and lower landings. A good stair lift can assist you and your family have full use of the house you love.


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