Eliminate the Risk of a Fall on a Stairway, Install a Chair Lift for Stairs

As parents age, concerns for their health and safety naturally arise, consider a chair lift for stairs. This is especially true if injury or illness is a factor or if their strength or balance have been weakened. If your parent lives in a two-story home, going up and down the stairs is of particular concern. You want to keep them in their home as long as possible, but how can you ensure their safety at the same time?


How to Install a Chair Lift for Stairs


One way to nearly eliminate the risk of a fall on a stairway is to install a chair lift for stairs. This device uses a comfortable chair attached to a railing installed along the side of the stairs. The chair lift can then move slowly and safely up and down the the stairs by remote control. Either battery or electric-powered, the chair lift can provide safe access to all areas of your loved ones home, without the risk of a fall. Most are equipped with standard safety features such as lap belts and auto-stop and can be customized as well.

chair lift
There are many different styles and price points within the various stair lift models, so you can find just the right one to fit your needs and budget. They are versatile and can be used on straight stairways, curved stairways and even outdoors to access a deck or porch. If your desire is to keep your parents in the home they love for as long as possible, a stair lift can be an excellent tool to enable you to do just that.

Your parents gave you life, raised you and provided for you for many years. Naturally, you want to help take care of them and keep them safe as they are aging. With the use of a chair lift for stairs, they can have the peace of mind of knowing that they do not have to risk a fall on a stairway just to live in their own home. It is peace of mind for you, as well, knowing that you are helping ensure the safety of those you love in a tangible way.

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