Where Can I Buy Durable Medical Equipment in Maryland?

Durable medical equipment includes everything from simple crutches to more expensive purchases such as a mobility scooter or wheelchair. Your choice of the right product is one that can make your life considerably easier, helping you maintain your independence and autonomy well into the future. Whether you’re going through insurance or paying out of pocket, it’s important to make a purchase that will be durable and reliable for years to come.

In the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., area, an aging population has led to a recent boom in durable medical equipment retailers. Here are some things to think about when looking for a supplier that can match you with an equipment choice suitable for long-term use.

Online or In-Person?

Shopping online for durable medical equipment is the convenient choice, particularly if mobility issues limit your ability to travel outside the home. At the same time, shopping online requires additional research, as you don’t have the luxury of testing a product out before making a purchase. If you are going to shop online, look for a retailer that has clearly defined return and warranty policies.

Making Smart Choices for Durable Medical Equipment

No matter how you choose to shop for durable medical equipment in Maryland, it’s worth it to consider a wide range of factors before making a purchase. Of these, the two most important are:

    • Your budget: Individuals on a fixed income have to be very careful not to overspend when buying durable medical equipment. At the same time, however, a cheaper product is likely to be less reliable and less useful on a day-to-day basis. Consider your means and set a budget accordingly.


  • Your needs: Do you require a mobility scooter or wheelchair for everyday, out-of-the-house activities, or a walker for occasional use? Even within a specific product category there exist a wide range of options that will affect your purchase decision. Start by carefully considering your requirements and the features necessary to meet them. Our blog contains numerous buying guides that can help you find a quality wheelchair, walker or other medical mobility aid.

These can be difficult questions to answer, particularly if you’re not familiar with the current durable medical equipment market. Choosing a supplier you can trust — who is knowledgeable and honest about your options — is the best way to make an informed purchase.

Working With Insurance

For individuals with mobility problems, durable medical equipment is often covered by Medicare and private insurance plans. Processing a claim in an efficient manner and reducing the risk of rejection requires working with a supplier who knows what they are doing and can ensure the paperwork is filled out accurately the first time.

That’s where Towson Medical Equipment comes in. We have more than 25 years of experience matching customers with the mobility aids and other durable medical equipment in Maryland they need to live healthy, productive lives. We can help you go over your options and choose the best product for your needs and your budget. We also work with all major private insurers as well as Medicare. Browse our inventory online or visit either of our two locations for assistance today.

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