Benefits of Bariatric Medical Equipment

In general, there has been a significant increase in the number of obese and overweight patients in healthcare facilities and clinics. These individuals require extensive and regular care due to the medical risk factors attached to high weight. Unfortunately, most practices and healthcare establishments are not well-equipped to deal with bariatric patients. This causes significant stress for the health workers in the medical institution. In addition, the lack of proper bariatric medical equipment means that the overweight patients will not get optimal care. Here are the benefits of having bariatric medical equipment in Baltimore for your health practice.

BARIATRIC TRAPEZE 450lb capacity

Resilience and DurabilityBARIATRIC TRANSFER BENCH

Medical machines are not infallible; they will eventually fail due to normal usage. However, if the equipment in your facility is exposed to high stress over a long period of time, the asset will fail prematurely. In simple terms, if bariatric patients use your standard equipment, these will be more prone to accelerated wear. This eventual failure can be attributed to the fact that the equipment capacity will be exceeded. Consequently, there will be high repair and replacement costs for your medical practice. When you choose bariatric medical equipment, you will eliminate these expenses because these have higher weight capacity. Moreover, they are built to withstand unexpected stress, so you will enjoy longer lasting service.

Reduced Strain for Workers

Medical workers experience a lot of physical stress when handling bariatric patients. For example, transferring the pertinent individuals from a stretcher onto a hospital bed can be difficult with the standard equipment. Therefore, you should consider investing in appropriate equipment for this task to avoid undue strain and possible stress injuries to your employees. For instance, there is a bariatric transfer board designed to make transfers easier. This product is flexible but strong, and it has hand holes around the entire board. Therefore, you can have two to six people perform the lifting task for the best results.

Improved Medical Assistance9000 TOPAZ bariatric wheelchair

Overweight and obese patients are susceptible to multiple medical conditions, so proper care is essential for continued well being. If you do not have bariatric medical equipment in your clinic, you cannot guarantee the best possible assistance. For example, standard weight scales might not be sufficient. Bariatric weighing scales have a high weight capacity which ensures that you will get accurate readings. You should also note that equipment designed for bariatric patients provide enhanced safety. For instance pertinent weighing scales and step stools have handrails. These allow the patient to support themselves while on the equipment, reducing the risk of injury. Consider investing in appropriate bariatric medical equipment because having these in your clinic or general practice will be beneficial to both your medical staff and patients.


Bariatric Medical Equipment in Maryland and DC

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  1. Roseanna Woods September 10, 2017 at 1:17 pm #

    I need bariatric scooter to get around when I am montage to have someone to help in pushing my wheelchair. I don’t have the strength of to push myself. I suffer from severe arthritis in my knees and fibromyalgia, along with other ailments in my shoulders, neck and lower back. It’s been at least 6 years since I had got a electric wheelchair and I am 125 more pounds. I would like to places without needing someone to push me. I need a scooter that is made for A 400lb. or more person.

  2. Debra Lowrimore January 8, 2018 at 2:27 pm #

    I’m looking for a rollator walker

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