Three Benefits of Wearing Compression Stockings


There are many benefits of wearing compression socks and today we will discuss a few of them that might be important to you. The socks apply a specific amount of pressure to the legs to increase blood flow back to the heart and can help reduce pain and swelling in the ankles and legs. So let’s get started learning more about who should be wearing these support socks and the benefits of compression stockings.


Benefit of Compression Socks


Compression Socks

Compression socks are a type of socks that apply different degrees of pressure- from mild to severe- to the legs. They come in different sizes, compressions, fabrics, and are available for men and for women. They support the veins and speed up the flow of blood and therefore are used to treat specific medical conditions by squeezing the veins, reducing their size and increasing the velocity of the blood flow back to the heart.

Some socks will need a prescription from your doctor and others can be fitted on site in our Baltimore MD store. If you are not sure what sock or need or what size compression then we recommend asking your physician before ordering. Generally, socks over 20mmHg will need a prescription from a doctor.

Below are some conditions that benefit better from circulation supported by compression socks.


Varicose veins

Varicose veins are circular, distended veins that expand considerably to cause painful venous inflammation. If you are suffering from varicose veins, you understand how painful the legs can be. Wearing compression stockings can help ease the swelling in the legs that can be the root of the pain.


Surgery recovery

The chances of developing painful blood clots increase after a surgery. Besides, lying immobile in bed during recovery can impede good circulation and sometimes your veins simply need extra support. Compression socks are known to lower the chances of blood clot. They can also help in pumping back towards the heart and therefore keep the blood flow working properly.



Compression Stocking


Diabetes usually comes with feet and legs health issues. This is usually caused by dehydration due to frequent episodes of high blood sugar. The right fit of compression socks can protect diabetics’ feet and lower legs while reducing swelling. Doctors also recommend diabetes compression socks to help correct sugar-related artery hardening and nerve sensitivities.



Edema is a painful health problem that creates shiny, stretched skin with swelling around the calf and ankle. It even makes walking a painful experience. Compression socks for edema can reduce the inflammation and relieve the pain by inhibiting the buildup of fluids in the tissues.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis is the development of blood clots in the veins in the pelvis or legs. Besides being painful, the clots can cause severe complications like pulmonary embolism if the clots travel to the lungs. Wearing compression socks can help relieve the pain and prevent complications such as the post-thrombotic syndrome, a condition in which the pain and discomfort in the leg lingers even after you have had DVT.


During pregnancy

Due to hormonal changes and the need for the body to increase blood volumes, pregnant women can develop venous system issues. Besides, pregnancy is known to cause pain and swelling in the legs and feet. Pregnant women can wear maternity compression socks to alleviate these symptoms.


Other groups of people who can benefit from the compression socks:


People who sit or stand most of the day

If you are stationary most of the day, you tissues and muscles might begin to feel strained and your blood flow starts to slow. That is the reason your feet, legs, and ankles feel fatigued or sore after a long shift on your feet or an extended period of sitting. Wearing compression socks can improve blood flow to ease the swelling and pain when you are on or off the clock.


AthletesAthletic Compression Socks

While this isn’t a medical condition, more and more athletes are wearing compression socks before competing. The socks can enhance your performance and prevent injuries while running or participating in any athletic events.


Air travel individuals

During a long flight, economy class syndrome (yes that is really the name for it) can occur. Due to the prolonged periods of sitting, being confined in a tight space, and the changes of altitudes, the blood flow in your legs slow down. That can result in clots in the leg. The compression socks can help in improving circulation and pushing the blood up the legs towards the heart.

Note- if you have cardiovascular disease, swelling in the ankle when traveling is a sign that should not be ignored since it can indicate blood clots that can result in stroke.


Essential tip– compression socks are generally safe to wear. But, overusing them and wearing them incorrectly can break the skin and cause conditions where an infection can start. You should always consult your physician before you start wearing them.


Side Effects of Wearing These Socks


If you wear compression socks routinely make sure you check your legs and ankles for redness and any irritation. If so you could:

  • Be allergic to the sock material
  • Have an infection
  • You are not putting the socks on and off correctly
  • Your socks don’t fit properly

Improper compression can cause breaking of the skin and peripheral nerve damage.



The takeaway about Compression Stockings


Make sure you have the correct prescription from your doctor so you can be fitted for the correct size and sock. Improper compression will lead to problems. Also, make sure you follow our guidelines for proper wearing and removal of the socks and be sure to check your legs for any potential side effects.

Compression socks can help blood vessels in your leg to get the blood more effectively to where it should go and hence prevent severe issues caused by poor circulation. To enjoy better blood flow and circulation, search for compression socks near me to get your pair today! Or visit our Parkville MD location to get fitted today!



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