bariatric stairlift

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Stair Lifts

If You Have Trouble With Stairs, Then You Need This For seniors, taking the stairs can be stressful and even painful due to limited mobility and other health issues. Most of them would prefer to just stay on the 1st floor of their homes or hire a caregiver to assist them. Another alternative – and […]

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foley catheters

Your Most Common Questions About Using a Catheter

Do you have questions about using a catheter? You’re not alone. There are so many different types of catheters and ways to use them, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t let the vocabulary intimidate you. Ask your doctor as many questions as you need to. At the end of the day, whether you’re using a […]

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stairlift seat swivel

Is Getting a Stair Chair Lift Worth It?

Getting a chair lift for your stairs may feel like a very big deal. When you’re unfamiliar with what it’s like to have one, it may seem too extravagant. Why not sleep downstairs? But the reality is that having a portion of your home inaccessible to you is a terrible experience. This is your home. […]

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LC-20 Pride Lift Chair

Options For Getting a Seat Lift Chair

A Seat Lift Can Help With Mobility Issues So you are having trouble getting out of a chair? Mobility challenges are no fun. Getting around can be hard enough, but when you don’t have the strength to get out of a chair or off the toilet, life can be difficult. Or maybe you had an […]

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woman on stairlift

Your Pricing Options for A Stair Chair In Your Home

Like a wheelchair, a stair chair is a mobility tool that makes it possible for people to gain independence and continue living in their own homes. For many people who become disabled or who become weaker as they age, the stairs in their own home become a safety hazard or impossibility. A stair chair, sometimes […]

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mobile stairlift in action

Mobile Stair Lift – Home Mobility Solution for Seniors

The technology of mobile stairlift has provided seniors and other individuals with mobility issues more choices than were available to earlier generations. Imagine the convenience of going up the stairs in buildings that don’t offer alternative avenues such as an elevator or wheelchair maneuvering space.  There are not many other stair lift alternatives. That’s what […]

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stair lift

A Stairlift Installation and Removal Guide

In the face of aging, a stairlift can be one of the most important tools for maintaining your independence. In truth, a stairlift can be the difference between maintaining your safety and giving up your home entirely. The device enables those with balance and mobility issues to ride conveniently and comfortably up a flight of […]

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