Why Bring A Stair Lift Into Your Home

Why Bring A Stair Lift Into Your Home   At any given point, most adults lose the ability to move up and down the stairs. Mobility challenges can stem from weakness in the legs, injury, poor eyesight, and other health conditions. For people who live in homes with more than one story, most elderly or […]

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straight stair lift installed in Columbia, Maryland

Stair Lift Advantages

Stair Lift Advantages Gives You Back Your Whole Home Recapture access to your room, carport or storm cellar. Go anyplace you need to in your home, without fear for your well-being, much the same as past times worth remembering. With our Stair Lift or Stair Climber, you can return to utilizing your whole home, at […]

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9000 TOPAZ bariatric wheelchair

Benefits of Bariatric Medical Equipment

In general, there has been a significant increase in the number of obese and overweight patients in healthcare facilities and clinics. These individuals require extensive and regular care due to the medical risk factors attached to high weight. Unfortunately, most practices and healthcare establishments are not well-equipped to deal with bariatric patients. This causes significant […]

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King Cobra Executive Power Scooter, 4 Wheel, 22" Captain Seat

Benefits of a Senior Mobility Scooter

For most seniors, mobility becomes limited as they approach their golden age. For a long time, boomers have had to rely on wheelchairs and walking sticks for their movements. Thankfully, advancement in technology has made senior mobility scooters easily available and affordable. There are numerous reasons to consider a senior mobility scooter including: Makes Moving […]

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thermal compression therapy

Benefits of Thermal Compression Therapy

Thermal compression therapy is a simple yet effective method used to treat a myriad of medical conditions. It has also been known to work well with patients who have undergone surgery and other procedures. A person places a machine on the affected area compressing it in a bid to deliver heat to the injured area […]

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prevent falls down stairs

Prevent Falls and Injury, Install a Stair Chair Lift

If you or someone you know is experiencing mobility limitations due to age, illness or injury, you are all too familiar with the possibility of a fall down the stairs in a two-story home and you should consider a stair chair lift. The simple act of going up and down stairs can become risky and […]

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straight stair lift installed December 2016

Looking for a Stair Lift in Maryland?

Looking for a Stair Lift in Maryland? #1 Choice for Stair lifts in Maryland: The Handicare Brand of Stair lifts Handicare is well represented by a number of certified dealers throughout North America, including Towson Medical Equipment in Parkville and Olney, Maryland to serve you. Serving the world for over 130 years, Handicare has been […]

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stair lift safety features

Stair Lift Safety Features

Stair lifts are the most useful component for the elderly to any home where there are plenty of steps. If residents are finding it difficult to climb up, and down such homes or  buildings, they need stair lifts with proper safety features. When it is in a home or building, it would do away with […]

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